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Developement and Dominion

Indigenous People of Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos

sous la direction de Frédéric Bourdier (2009), Bangkok : White Lotus
Langue : anglais.

Developement and Dominion. Indigenous People of Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos - 2009 - 127.4 ko

Development and Dominion : Indigenous Peoples of Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos deals with prevailing development ideologies and their impacts on indigenous societies with a particular focus on Cambodia, Laos and the central highlands of Vietnam. It reinforces the idea that development, as it is conceptualised and implemented, radically undermines local communities’ ability to control the parameters of inevitable social and material changes. The more development projects choose new objectives and operating models the more the rhetoric and practices remain the same. One of the strengths of the presentations is to convincingly advocate for closer ethnographic understanding in order to make any sort of cross-cultural negotiations and mutual engagement meaningful. This imperative is known to some extent, but it needs to be implemented more vehemently to make it more persuasive. As a result, anthropology of development rather than development anthropology is proposed. The essential difference lies in the point of engagement. Development anthropology seeks to do development better, by trying to mitigate the effects of top-down programmes and allow some breathing space for local people to express their input. Anthropology of development, on the other hand, questions the very operating premises of contemporary development. This point is very much in line with the intent of the current book, even if some of the authors opt to challenge this position, being convinced that it is not the best strategy to offer radical critiques that few people in the world of development listen to, and preferring to work within the world of development programmes in the hope of providing salient lessons and constructive models.

Liste des ouvrages publiés

  1. Traditional Therapeutic Knowledge of the Bunong People in North-eastern Cambodia
  2. Dire les maux
  3. Les Suds face au sida
  4. Savoirs thérapeutiques asiatiques et globalisation
  5. L’art des matrones revisité
  6. Tibetan Medicine in the Contemporary World
  7. Developement and Dominion
  8. Ethnographie des populations indigènes du Nord-Ouest cambodgien
  9. Maternités en Inde du Sud
  10. La séropositivité : un regard des sciences sociales
  11. Ethnography of Healing. Special issue of the Indian Anthropologist 37(1)
  12. Les médecines en parallèle. Multiplicité des recours au soin en Occident
  13. Soigner par l’invisible. Enquête sur les guérisseurs aujourd’hui
  14. The Mountains of Precious Stones (Ratanakiri, Cambodia)
  15. Panser le monde, penser les médecines
  16. Tibetan Medicine among the Buddhist Dards of Ladakh
  17. Migration et sida en Amazonie française et brésilienne
  18. Socio-anthropologie de la rencontre des médecines
  19. The Expression of Religion in Tibetan Medicine
  20. Sexualité et sociabilité en Inde du Sud. Familles en péril au temps du sida
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